Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Chinese Medicinal are an essential part of the treatment of our natural treatments.  Chinese doctors have used these natural plants for thousands of years. They work to alter the inner chemistry, promote health, and balance your body’s system from within.

It is often used in combination with acupuncture and other TCM treatments to provide faster and more effective healing.

Each herb has certain qualities that enable it to restore balance and create a state for health for each patient. The herbs are specially combined by our herbologist, to help increase their working ability and as well as diminish any negative reactions.

What does the Chinese Herbal tea do?

Some herbal teas fight disease through antibacterial and anti-viral actions, while others help build our immunity and calm the nervous system. Chinese medicine tea can also create an anti-inflammatory response, or increase vitality. Herbs influence the organ/meridian system directly and can make promoting healing from within the body easier.

Where Does The Herbal Tea Come From?

The herbal teas come from various parts of the herb plant. This includes the leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, bark, and stems. Every herbal recipe is tailor-made by our herbologist of each individual’s plan, needs, and health status.

How Are the Herbs Prepared?

The patient takes the tea home and cooks it according to the instructions given to them by our herbologist at the end of their appointment. This includes boiling the tea and then letting it steep according to the amount of time instructed.

All servings of tea are administered in specific doses with detailed instructions, exactly like modern prescriptions.

How Do I Get This Chinese Medicinal Herbs Tea?

Fill out the new patient form here. Then give us a call at (901) 737-8282. One of our receptionists will assist you in setting up a free consultation!


1 Week Of Herbal Medicinal Tea: $80

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Traditional Chinese Herbs and herbal tea