front view of Xu Wellness Center in Cordova TN

About Xu Wellness Center


At Xu Wellness Center we believe in whole body health. We seek to restore harmony and balance to the body through a combination of wellness services. Our services work in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle to promote optimal wellbeing. We have a wide array of treatment options, which include acupuncture. We strive to help everyone find a wellness plan that works best.

We want people to know about Xu Wellness Center, so they are able to see there are ways to naturally restore your health.

We offer both traditional and alternative medical treatments at Xu Wellness Center.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an extremely effective system of health care that was developed over 5,000 years ago in China. TCM encourages the body to heal itself. It is effective at treating a wide array of disorders, diseases or imbalances in the body. We offer free consultations with Mark Xu, Lac for those who are interested in becoming new acupuncture patients.

Our wellness spa services promote internal balance, whole body health, natural detoxification, and total relaxation. Our spa services help to restore the body’s natural mind-body-soul connection, promoting peace and relaxation from within.

At Xu Wellness Center, we know that one cannot achieve true wellness without practicing a healthy lifestyle. In our instructional kitchen, we teach people how to cook and prepare real whole foods using fresh and locally sourced raw ingredients.

Regular exercise and meditation practices are also essential to order to maintain health, and we encourage our patients and clients to incorporate these practices into their daily routines. We strive to show people how easy it can be to restore balance to their lives through diet, exercise, and meditation.