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 What could acupuncture and massage therapy help?


Acupuncture helps to re-establish a healthy balance within the body, so it is effective at treating a wide range of diseases, disorders, illnesses, conditions, Many people come for help with a specific symptom or condition. For example: anxiety, asthma, arthritis, back pain, sciatica, depression, fatigue, circulatory problems, facial paralysis, fibrositis, migraines, respiratory problems, menstrual problems, infertility, muscular-skeletal problems, skin conditions, sinus problems, low sexual vitality, digestive problems, etc. The range is endless.

Massage therapy is excellent at treating musculo-skeletal tightness. Through an increase in the circulatory system and re-harmonizing of the nervous system, lightening stress is one of the main benefits.

 What happens when I come for my first TCM treatment?


In order to make your first visit as smooth as possible, please bear in mind the following advice. Please arrive 30 minutes early to allow time to complete a new patient form. Allow for about an hour for your first visit. We will take a full history of the condition, perform a pulse diagnosis, and treat accordingly. We will usually also give you some estimation of how long the condition should take to get better and how much more treatment we recommend. The acupuncturist will need to access your legs, so bring a pair of shorts. Please call us if you require further information on any of these matters.

Do the acupuncture needles hurt?


Generally, the needles do not hurt at all. Most people liken the experience to a mosquito bite…you can feel it, but it is not painful. Once we access the qi (energy) of the meridian, patients usually feel a localized ache or tingling sensation. This sensation typically decreases after a few minutes. The needles used for acupuncture are very, very thin (typically gauge 32 or higher if you are familiar with wire gauge)

Will acupuncture, herbs, or spa treatment interfere with other forms of therapy or medications I receive?


Always, pre-existing medical conditions should be discussed before treatment of any kind to insure a synergistic response between modalities. In regards to herbal medicine, it is very important that your practitioner is well educated in prescribing herbs because certain substances may interfere with some pharmaceuticals and should not be taken concurrently. Herbal medications can be taken during the same course of treatment as most homeopathic remedies, but they should not be consumed together (i.e. take the herbs at a different time of day than the homeopathic.)

How do I prepare for a colon hydrotherapy session?

All new patients need to come in 20 minutes early to fill out New Patient paper work. Consume no food for at least two hours before your colonic. Limit your caffine intake that day as well. Tea is a great alternative to morning coffee. Water in any amount is perfectly safe.

What do I expect for my first massage? 

New patients need to arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to fill out paper work. Any concerns, chronic conditions, or precautions will be talked about with your therapist to decide the most optimal treatment plan for you, the patient.