Gua Sha

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a common, but ancient, healing treatment used in Chinese medicine and throughout South East Asia.
It also goes by the name Kerik, Cao Yio, and Khoud Lam in other parts of the world.
Gua Sha involves getting the skin lubricated with oil and using a smooth edged instrument across the surface of your body. The acupuncturist will use long or short strokes. These stroking motions create raised redness or “bruising.”
The “bruising” can last from 2-4 days and in TCM theory is the intensity or severity of the “bruising” is an indication of the how badly your body is full of toxins, stagnant, or if there is fever inside of you.

How Gua Sha Works

There are several theories as to why this ancient medical technique works:
1. Gua Sha increases blood flow (microcirculation) in the soft tissue.
2. It stimulates the immune system.
 3. This therapy moves Qi and also blood that has become stagnant.
As with Traditional Chinese Medicine, certain points help other parts of the body. Such as scraping the back could help internal organs, for instance. So, Gua Sha can be a valuable treatment for musculoskeletal problems and internal organ conditions.

What Gua Sha Treats

$100    30Min

This procedure is used to treat pain, but it can also be used to address other conditions such as:
Muscle spasms
This treatment is not advised for women who are pregnant or menstruating and  people who have sunburn, rash, wounds, over moles, and pimples.
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