About Dr. Mark Xu

Dr. Xu, a third-generation practitioner, licensed acupuncturist, and licensed herbologist of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has over 30 years of experience.

His Xu Wellness Center, located in Memphis, Tennessee, has collaborated with West Clinic, a leading cancer treatment hospital in the United States, for more than a decade.

Dr. Xu has developed unique protocols to assist couples struggling with infertility, working alongside renowned centers like Fertility Associates of Memphis and helping hundreds of couples start their families.

Additionally, Dr. Xu has created a special 100% natural topical oil and lotion, Tuuwa Relief Oil & Lotion With Herbal Boost. A third-party clinical study found that 81.1% of participants experienced pain reduction within 20 minutes of application, and a 50% reduction within a week. His Pain Management program, combining these products with acupuncture and other treatments, has significantly improved the speed of recovery for his patients, promoting healthy, active lifestyles.

Dr. Xu has also relieved thousands suffering from insomnia and sleeping disorders through personalized protocols that include acupuncture and specific herbal remedies, returning them to a normal, healthy lifestyle.

His clinic has successfully tackled numerous women’s health issues. At Xu Wellness Center, Dr. Xu runs a traditional Chinese herbal pharmacy, preparing custom herbal remedies for each patient’s condition, setting his practice apart both locally and nationally.

He is also the founder of Tuuwa Inc, developing remarkable product lines that have aided not just his patients but individuals across the nation and worldwide.

Motivated by a desire to enhance as many lives as possible, Dr. Xu extends an invitation for you to experience significant and joyful results at his clinic.