Patient: Mary

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr. Xu:

I had Trigeminal Neuralgia on the right side of my face. It would send a feeling of electric shocks from my upper lip thru my eye. This condition would come began once a year for 13 years. When I began treatment with Dr. Xu, I was in my 4th week of constant pain and was having nerve blocks to numb the area so I could eat or drink anything. The condition was acute and has lasted longer than any other time I ha experience it.

Medication taken when began treatment by Dr. Xu:

Nerve blocks from dentist and also pain medication was provided alone with neurontin.

Current Medical Conditions:

I am free of pain for 1 year and my annual recurrence has not happened

Results of Dr. Xu treatments:

I am feeling more energy and have a stronger immune system. I am so happy to have the anniversary date to come around and not be plaque with this terrible face pain. Thank you, DR. Xu. I feel like the treatment of herbs, acupuncture have added a tremendous difference in my life.