Patient: Lauren                 Date: April 2013

Online Review:

When I first went to Dr. Xu, I was suffering with terrible TMJ pain. The other doctors I had been going to couldn’t do anything else to help me. The scope surgery they had tried was unsuccessful. I was in so much pain at that point, that I couldn’t function. The pain radiated to my head and my entire face was swollen and throbbing. Dr. Xu cured this pain in my first session! Since then, I have returned to the Xu Clinic seeking treatment for various other pain issues as well as a deep chronic cough that he has since cured. Dr. Xu is now working on an old soft tissue injury of mine that effects my neck and right shoulder. Before starting treatment on this issue I was not able to pull my right shoulder all the way up in an upright position. This caused me to always be slumped over on my right side. Which caused pain in my neck, my right shoulder, and my right upper back. Now I almost never have pain in my neck, shoulder, or back. My posture has corrected itself, and I have been able to start various strenuous strength building exercise programs, which I never could have been able to do before. I am so thankful to Dr. Xu for giving me my life back! I would recommend to anyone dealing with chronic pain to go to The Xu Clinic immediately!!

Patient:  Sarah                    Date: 2012

Online Review

Teeth and Face Pain – I contacted Dr. Mark at the XuClinic Acupuncture, to try and get relief from a horrible face and tooth pain that had been going on for the past 5 years. I would have burning pain in my teeth, jaw and face so bad that I could not talk on the phone or carry on a complete conservation without having to stop to give the pain time to subside. I had been to numerous doctors, pain specalist, dentist and endodontist. Everyone told me I would have to get on medication for the rest of my life. I was taking in excess of 6-10 IB and 2-3 pain pills per day and could not sleep or get relief even with the medication. After the first treatment I could tell a big difference and after the third treatment I discontinued all pain medication. I am still having treatments and able to sleep,function, work and continue with my everyday life without being in constant pain. I have been completely satisfied with my treatments and hope to be on a maintance program soon.