Patient: Sharon

Past Medications:

Synthroid, calderol, lopid, Lipitor, trazodone, lasix, abuterol, nitroglycemia

Past Medical Conditions:

Diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, hyperthyroidism, neck and leg pain, auto accident, neuropathy in legs and feet and could not sleep, very nervous, feet burn

Present Medical Condition:

I now have feeling in my feet and toes, I no longer have migraines, and my feet do not burn. I am sleeping eight hours and my neck does not hurt any more. My sugar has dropped from 200 to 125. I feel so much relaxed and I have a warm cozy feeling all over.

Results of Dr. Xu treatment:

He has increased my circulation in feet. He also has helped my neck and back pain and hip pain. Dr. Xu has only treated me four times and I feel better all over. I feel like I now have a future ahead with a quality of life where as in the past I felt I did not have reason to live because of the pain and depression.