Patient: Mark

Online Review:

I give credit to Dr. Mark Xu for saving my daughter’s life. Beginning at age12 she began having trouble moving her legs (it would come and go). We took her to several specialist (neurologist, psychologist, every other “ologist”) and had test done (MRI, Nerve Conduction Test, etc) but none could find a problem. On a family trip to California she suddenly became very ill and started vomiting violently and her heart rate went over 200. We called an ambulance to the hotel where we were staying and they were able to stabilize her at the hospital. Afterwards her health continued to decline in other areas as well with no explanation. We were at the end of our rope so we decided to see if Dr. Mark Xu (he was in our neighborhood) could help. HE DID HELP! Under his care she constantly improved. She is now 22, married, and has two healthy children. We thank God for Dr. Mark. He really wants to help people and it shows.