Patient: Anonymous

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr. Xu:

Severe Sciatic pain caused by subluxation of L5 on L4 and narrowing of L3-1 and S1unable to sit for any period of time-woke up every hour in pain had to sit up for 30 minutes and 1 hr of spasms. Fibromyalgia and peripheral neuropathy. Severely obese, tendonitis and arthritis in base of both thumbs. Thought about pain 24/7 and was think there has to be more to life than this pain and went up stairs immediately after dinner so I could lie down.

Medications taken when treatment started by Dr. Xu:

Duragesic patch, etodolac (anti-flammatory) elavil (for peripheral neuropathy) lopid (cholesterol) dyazide (fluid retention) lexapro and percopan/Tylenol #3 every 4 hours for pain.What is your current medical condition:The pain in lower back/but locks is diminishing. Sometimes I do not think about pain at all. I am going out more to movies and restaurants. I now can sleep 3-5 hours and spasms subside much faster.

Results of Dr. Xu treatments:

Stopped Lexapro and do not take any acute pain medications. Continued reduction of pain weight loss 40 lbs so far. I am moving easier and better, not as hungry.