Patient: Cassie

Past Medications:

Lortabs, morphine, Zoloft

Past medical conditions:

Nerve damage due to a fall down stairs, migraine headaches, spinal damage, severe pain, and fibromyalgia, fat and wasn’t sleeping.

Present Medical Conditions:

My pain is under control and I am stronger physically and emotionally and sleeping well, diet is getting under control more stability. I have more energy and my personality is once again vivacious and wonderful.

Patient: Che

Medical condition when began treatments start by Dr. Mark Xu:

Arthritis, torn rotator cuff, carpel tunnel, right wrist, constipation, low energy, and depression. Degenerative cervical disks. Insomnia

Medications taken when began treatment by Dr. Xu:

Vioxx, celexa, vit e, stool softener, glucosamine

Current medical conditions:

Still have arthritis, but feeling better, no insomnia/ no constipation/ my rotator cuff seems healed. My depression is significantly improved.

Results of Dr. Xu treatments:

I have had 10 treatments and see a vast improvement in my energy levels. I can teach 2 and 3 hours of water aerobics and still do housework and run errands. My insomnia is not a problem anymore. My neck and shoulder feel great. I will not have to have surgery on my arm. DR. Xu has changed my life.