Missy                                          8/28/13

Online Review:

I first went to Dr. Xu several years ago for severe migraines. I got instant relief from the very first visit. I started taking his Exhilarate capsules. I immediately saw improved energy. I had been suffering from high cholesterol for over 10 years. At my next checkup, my cholesterol had dropped over 20 points and was now almost normal!!! Through the years, Dr. Xu has been a life saver. He has patiently treated me for various illnesses (bladder infections, viruses, etc.) with wonderful results. Last year, stress caused some major health issues (high blood pressure, etc.). Dr. Xu was the only doctor I would go to. I drive over 3 hours one way just to go to him because I trust him and his treatments work.

Patient: Larry

Online Review:

I went to Dr. Xu first over ten years ago. He got rid of migraines I had been suffering from for several years , and neurologists had failed to help with. Since that time I have gone to him for a slipped disc, pulled muscles, and numerous other injuries from lifting weights and martial arts training including concussions. The worst injury was a katana that I accidentally stabbed completely through my right side. I had stitches at a hospital and refused any other treatment, knowing Dr. Xu could help. He was shocked when he saw me! I had lost a lot of blood, had internal bleeding, and lots of bruising. Dr. Xu sighed and said “My Grandfather told me I would someday have to treat this type of injury and I ddn’t believe him”and got to work on me. With acupuncture and the grossest tea ever all my issues were solved in one day! He cooked up a mixture of herbs into a sort of clay to put on the wound to heal it quickly like his Grandfather taught him to use for battleground injuries and the stitches were out in 3 days.My wife, sister, kids, mother, father, and co-workers have been helped by Mark as well. Thank you my friend

Patient: Lynn

Online Review:

When I arrived at Dr. Xu’s doorstep almost three months ago, I was at a loss as to what to try next. I was battling another round of cluster headaches and nothing was helping. I was on so many medications including prescription pain relievers that not only could I not drive, I could not participate in normal life and I could barely carry on a conversation. Within the first few treatments, I experienced some relief and it was not long until the headaches stopped. But, there were still numerous obstacles to go through to get me up and going again. Dr. Xu was always compassionate and an excellent listener as I went step by step to regain my health again. There is no question in my mind that his herbal teas were far more helpful than any prescription med that I used. I am very thankful that I found my way to Dr. Xu.

Name: Julia

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr. Xu:

Migraines headaches

Medications taken when treatment started by Dr. Xu:

Imitrex, zohegran, depacote, nortriptyline, zomig, nasal spray, tordol, tizanidint, trazodone, reipax, and migranal nasal spray

What is your current medical condition:


Results of Dr. Xu treatments:

I have not had a migraine in 11 months. I am now back at high school and graduating in May 2006. I am going to the University of Arkansas in fall 2006. I couldn’t have done that if I still had migraines.

Patient: Djuana

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr. Xu:

Within the past seven years I have suffered with constant headaches on a daily basis, chronic fatigue, anxiety, mouth odor, stomach pain, and a variety of other symptoms. After going to chiropractors, gastrologist, neurologists, and ent doctor and not to mention my own medical doctor. After a while I saw my seven year old daughter starting to have some of the same symptoms. I thought I had tried everything and felt as if there was nothing else out there. The first treatment with Dr. Xu, my headaches went away completely. The majority of my symptoms have disappeared. I am happy, more energetic, more out going and more verbal than I’ve been in seven years. As I saw progress with myself I administered some of the Chinese herbs Dr. Xu gave me to my seven year old daughter. She improved as well. I thank Dr. Xu for the acupuncture and herbal medicine. Even thought Dr. Xu treated me I give god the glory. Amen

Patient: Barbara

Past Medications:

Nuprin, percogesic, Tylenol p.m. and aleve

Past Medical Condition:

Headaches, which last for days, back pain-low back pain, severe pain when walking.

Present medical conditions:

Feeling much better with more energy and very little pain, after 12 acupuncture treatments.

Results of Dr. Xu treatments:

Yes, definitely, I can now do my house work again, without taking pain medications and having to rest. I haven’t had a bad headache since I started the acupuncture. I can grocery shop and not feel exhausted.

Patient: Cassie

Past Medications:

Lortabs, morphine, Zoloft

Past medical conditions:

Nerve damage due to a fall down stairs, migraine headaches, spinal damage, severe pain, and fibromyalgia, fat and wasn’t sleeping.

Present Medical Conditions:

My pain is under control and I am stronger physically and emotionally and sleeping well, diet is getting under control more stability. I have more energy and my personality is once again vivacious and wonderful.