Patient: Anonymous

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr. Xu:

I came to Dr. Mark Xu, when I was five months pregnant. I had problems with my left knee, it was swollen. It was hard to bend it and putting pressure on it really hurted bad. My Ob-Gyn Dr. said it was much to be done, because of my pregnancy. I couldn’t get an X-ray.

Medications taken when treatment started by Dr. Xu:

Prenatal pills

What is your current medical condition:

This is my sixth week with Dr. Mark Xu, the acupuncture has helped tremendously. I recommend acupuncture to anybody because it does work.

Results of Dr. Xu treatments:

I can walk better on my left knee, it doesn’t hurt like it did 6th week ago. I am able to put pressure on it, my range of motion is better. Thank you Dr. Mark Xu.