Patient: Wei             Date: 12/21/13

Online Review:

“I can not express how grateful I am that Dr. Xu cured my 11-month old baby from having an almost 3-week-long diarrhea. I am so happy seeing my boy crawling around cheerfully in the house, giggling while showing his 6 teeth to us and soundly sleeping throughout the night. My little boy started to have diarrhea after we came back from a trip to Mexico. Although all of the rest family members were fine, my son started to be ill. His diarrhea developed from mild 2-3 times/day to 5-6 times/day within a week. After seeing 2 Western doctors, we followed doctor’s instruction and put him on strict diet– only feeding him 4 things throughout the day: banana, apple, white bread and rice cereal. Another week passed, the poor little one lost about 3 pounds, which was more than 10% of his body weight during the 2 week illness, and he was not getting better. Instead, he started to throw up at night and became very fuzzy and clingy. He wanted to be held almost all the time. He woke up in the middle of the night from discomfort. It’s heartbreaking seeing the little one getting so weak and skinny. My entire family was very worried and also exhausted from taking care of him. I never thought of babies can take herb tea. But being desperate, I decided to ask Doctor Xu if he could treat him in the traditional Chinese way. After a thorough consultation, he gave us some herb tea and also some ingredients for his diet. Dr. Xu told us, the little one should be better after 3 days. We followed instructions to make the tea and fed him 3 times /day. The tea was bitter and my little one didn’t like it. But we didn’t waiver from treating him with the tea. His condition was much better by the 2nd day and the diarrhea completely stopped on the 3rd day, just as what Dr. Xu has promised. It’s amazing! As soon as my son was cured, I took my mom to Dr. Xu for her back pain and me for fatigue and delayed period. We trust Dr. Xu can help my entire family to live a healthier and a happier life. I highly recommand Dr. Xu to everyone.”

Patient: Heather

Online Review:

I went to see Dr. Xu in October of 2012 because of stomach issues. I was diagnosed with ulcerative Colitis 3 years ago and I have been in out of the ER since. I thought I would try acupuncture after a friend reccomended it. I have had no UC symptoms since I started acupuncture. It has been wonderful to live a normal every day life.

Patient: Melanie

Medications taken when treatment began by Dr. Xu:

Imitrex, Aspirin, Tagamet

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr Xu:

Headaches, chronic stomach problems, heavy and painful periods

Results of Dr. Xu treatments:

I suffered from digestion problems that kept me from leading a normal life. I was ready to go to a gastroenterologist and have a full workup when my husband suggested that I make an appt with Dr. Xu. I cannot tell you what an improvement I have had due to acupuncture. I can eat normally and not worry about how a meal will affect me. Also my periods are not as heavy and my headaches have all but disappeared. Thank you Dr. Xu

Patient: Debby                     Date: 5/24/08

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr Xu:

I had an inflamed esophagus and abdominal and chest pain caused by acid reflux and a hernia. I had lost 15 pounds and was unable to eat without getting sick. I had also just stopped taking the steroid that I had been taking for 6 years for positional vertigo because it’s not good to take steroids for a long time without it.

Medication takes before the treatments:

2 Prevacids a dayWhat is your current medical condition:My symptoms are gone! I have no problems eating and I am gaining weight. Also the positional vertigo is under control and I have no symptoms of it.

Please explain your results:

I feel great and given up my addiction to diet Dr. Pepper and replaced with Dr. Mark Xu’s herbal tea which gives me a feeling of being calm and grounded.