Patient: Anonymous                                   Date: 2o12

Online Review:

“I went to Dr. Xu on a friend’s recommendation. I was depressed and lethargic when I first stopped in at the beginning of Oct. 2011. I knew I needed my body to heal, but I did not want to take “medicine” from the traditional medical establishment as I knew it would mean life-long dependence. I wanted to truly heal my body and return it to normal functioning. So, I thought I’d try acupuncture. Dr. Xu evaluated my symptoms and explained how my Qi (life force) was out of balance. True to his word, his combined treatment regimen of acupuncture and herbal tea have helped my body heal. His treatment brought clarity back to my thoughts and energy back to my body as well as the return of restful sleep. I even resumed exercise and felt more focused. I gradually tapered off the frequency of the acupuncture sessions and the need for the herbal tea. Now, 5 months later, I am thankful my friend steered me to Dr. Xu and I am able to thrive without a dependence on anti-depressants. I am happy again and able to greet each new day with energy and a clear, focused mind. What a joy that is!!! I strongly recommend his services for anyone seeking to heal their body rather than simply treat symptoms.”

Patient: Anonymous

Online Review:

“I went for depression. I was crying everyday for close to a month. I have had a series of events in the past months that have lead to a bottoming out that I could not move out of. I tried lexapro and it made me a zombie. I had felt for a long time that my depression was due to a lack of some sort of resource in my life, my body or my enviroment, So when Dr. Xu said it was a lack of Qi and gave me some crazy tea I thought well, it makes sense why the hell not? And despite my acceptance of TCM, and internal stubborness as a patient, the tea tastes like bark and it makes you feel better than just plain tea. It works keep drinking it. I do not think I would be able to begin moving forward in my life when it needed to be done, with out having taken this step. I think depression is such an intimate and personal issue that addressing the whole of the being is a much more sensable approach and I truly apreciate Dr. Xu taking me seriously, he is very proffesional and thorough in his treatment. Thank you.”

Patient: Arlene

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr. Xu:

Constantly tired: I would wake up in the morning just as tired as I was when I went to bed that night before. Depression: difficulty completing tasks, poor memory, always feeling fatigue. Congestion: difficulty breathing, coughing, shortness of breath.

Medications taken when treatment started by Dr. Xu:

Herbs-take daily 3 times a day, two different kinds of herbs. Nine tablets of herbs 3 times a day.

What is your current medical condition:

After the first 3 days of treatment my depression was gone, energy has improved. After 7 more days of treatment my longs were cleared, coughing disappeared and I could breathe much easier.

Results of Dr. Xu treatments:

All the health problems, including the depression were gone. I really felt like my old self again. I am very grateful to Dr. Xu. The Acupuncture treatment that he gave me really helped improved my physical and mental health. I will be one of his life long patients.