Patient: Amy H.                                             Date: 4/28/14


Online Review:

Dr. Mark has been a tremendous blessing to my husband & me over the years. Alan had Bells palsy 5 years ago with unbearable pain & drooping in the left side of his face. Conventional doctors only offered pain medication that was not working & said it would just get better in time. A friend told him of a coworker who had been to the Xu Clinic & had her Bells palsy cured so we decided to try it. By the 2nd treatment, the pain in his face was completely gone! During the course of the palsy treatments, his migraines disipated as well. He started having migraines in the early 90s & by 2009 he was having 4-5 a month & treating them with Imitrex. It has been about a year since he has had a migraine & you can’t even tell he had Bells palsy. He has also treated Alan for pulled muscles in his back. He walked into Dr. Mark’s office one day in a “L” shape with severe pain & walked out straight up! In February 2014, I had a stroke which caused me to lose all function of my left side – I couldn’t stand on my own. I was put on blood pressure, cholesterol, acid reflux, anxiety & sleep medications, as well as something for tone & low dose aspirin. I had to have assistance bathing & getting dressed. I went from the ER to the stroke floor, & then the rehab unit where I began speech, occupational & physical therapy daily. As soon as I was well enough for a weekend pass we headed to Germantown for my 1st session, & when I was discharged I began daily treatments. With each treatment, something new would move, or something that had moved would move better/more fluid. I started having a lot of tension in my left side as the muscles began working again & also in my right side from overcompensation. I inquired about the cupping procedure & we began those treatments too. I think we were both shocked at how bad I was. Since adding cupping, my range of motion has drastically improved as the cupping pulls the toxins out of my body & the tension has diminished. It has only been 2 months since my stroke. I can shave, shower, & dress myself, walk without assistance, & even drive myself everywhere I go. I took a 1week hiadus for a trip with friends, by the time I got home, I could tell my progress had stopped & I became very wobbly again. I didn’t have the facilities to make my tea so I left it off, but I won’t do that again. I am still doing occupational & physical therapy 3 days a week. I drink the tea as Dr. Mark prescribed & I use the strengthening lotion. With the combination of all this & God’s great mercy I feel sure I will fully recover. We live 2 hours away in Mississippi & our insurance does not cover the treatments we get here, but we feel it has been well worth the sacrifice. Dr. Mark’s knowledge & execution of Chinese medicine has worked wonders in our lives. He has tremendous compassion for all his patients – just ask anyone you see in his office – we all agree that miraculous things happen in this clinic. Dr. Mark has a wonderful gift & I pray you will embrace the opportunity to let him heal whatever ails you.

Name: Vishal

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr. Xu:

I was hit by Bell Palsy and after taking prescribed medicine for 2 weeks and saw Dr. Xu, and my mouth was still twisted, and my left eye was opened, and tears were coming out all the time. Dr. Xu did a good job in getting it recovered within a week.

Medications taken when treatment started by Dr. Xu:


What is your current medical condition:

I am recovered comfortably and now I can sleep well, I can eat well and do many things.

Results of Dr. Xu treatments:

Very nice and I am recovered completely.