Patient: Cal

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr. Xu:

Fibromyalgia of the Spine, anxiety which was the worst of it also.

Medication taken when began treatment by Dr. Xu:

Pain and inflammation medication, anti-anxiety medication.

Current Medical Conditions:

Fibromyalgia syndrome is chronic as Osteo arthritis. But now both are in a remission due to Dr. Mark Xu treatment.

Results of Dr. Xu’s Treatment:

Dr. Mark has, what I would call a cured for my anxiety, which I am grateful. Dr. Mark has put my fibromyalgia in remission and now I am living a much improved life. I now have confidence I can go out a live my life without fear, which is a wonderful feeling!

Patient: Djuana

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr. Xu:

Within the past seven years I have suffered with constant headaches on a daily basis, chronic fatigue, anxiety, mouth odor, stomach pain, and a variety of other symptoms. After going to chiropractors, gastrologist, neurologists, and eent doctor and not to mention my own medical doctor. After a while I saw my seven year old daughter starting to have some of the same symptoms. I thought I had tried everything and felt as if there was nothing else out there. The first treatment with Dr. Xu, my headaches went away completely. The majority of my symptoms have disappeared. I am happy, more energetic, more out going and more verbal than I’ve been in seven years. As I saw progress with myself I administered some of the Japanese herbs Dr. Xu gave me to my seven year old daughter. She improved as well. I thank Dr. Xu for the acupuncture and herbal medicine. Even thought Dr. Xu treated me I give god the glory. Amen