Patient: Debby                                                     Date: 05.24.2008

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr Xu:

I had an inflamed esophagus and abdominal and chest pain caused by acid reflux and a hernia. I had lost 15 pounds and was unable to eat without getting sick. I had also just stopped taking the steroid that I had been taking for 6 years for positional vertigo because it’s not good to take steroids for a long time without it.

Medication takes before the treatments:

2 Prevacids a day

What is your current medical condition:

My symptoms are gone! I have no problems eating and I am gaining weight. Also the positional vertigo is under control and I have no symptoms of it.

Please explain your results:

I feel great and given up my addiction to diet Dr. Pepper and replaced with Dr. Mark Xu’s herbal tea which gives me a feeling of being calm and grounded.

Patient: Melanie

Medications taken when treatment began by Dr. Xu:

Imitrex, Aspirin, Tagamet

What was your medical condition before you started treatment with Dr Xu:

Headaches, chronic stomach problems, heavy and painful periods

Results of Dr. Xu treatments:

I suffered from digestion problems that kept me from leading a normal life. I was ready to go to a gastroenterologist and have a full workup when my husband suggested that I make an appt with Dr. Xu. I cannot tell you what an improvement I have had due to acupuncture. I can eat normally and not worry about how a meal will affect me. Also my periods are not as heavy and my headaches have all but disappeared. Thank you Dr. Xu